Rental Policies

  • The rental period is up to three days.
  • A personalized proposal will be created for you, and can be adjusted as needed before your final decision is made.
  • If you decide to rent with us, a signed contract and a 50% nonrefundable deposit on the rental total is needed to commit to the rental and reserve your inventory. Items are reserved for your date and may not be removed once the deposit is paid.
  • Final quantities may not be changed by more than 10% of the quantity for which the deposit was paid.
  • Customers are responsible for the replacement/repair costs of items damaged or lost during the rental period.
  • Rental fees for items include a cleaning fee prior to delivery and upon the order's return. If excessive labor is involved in cleaning items once they are returned (due to stains, rust, wax, etc.), an additional charge will apply.
  • A refundable security deposit (25% of your total rental cost) is required two weeks before your event to cover possible damage or loss of an item. If all items are returned without damage, the deposit will be fully refunded within 7 days. If damage exceeds the deposit, you will be billed for additional costs.
  • Rental balance is due two weeks before your event.
  • A delivery charge will apply outside of Macon, Georgia. Some Macon deliveries may be subject to a delivery charge.
  • Delivery charge is based on type and size of order, travel distance, and event details.
  • There is an order minimum to qualify for delivery outside of Macon, GA. Minimum order amounts are determined based on the distance from Macon, GA. For example: Atlanta (1.5-2 hour travel time) order minimum $500-$600, Savannah (2.5-3 hour travel time) order minimum $800, etc.
  • Longer term contracts and rates are available.

Other Information

  • Items are delivered freshly cleaned and ready to use.
  • If Southern Vintage is requested to set tables at your event, an additional service charge will be added to the proposal. Typically, wedding coordinators, caterers, or other wedding vendors set tables and style lounge areas.
  • For return, tableware should be placed dirty back into the crates in which they arrived. A cleaning fee for tableware is already incorporated into the rental price.
  • Please contact us with any questions or to obtain a quote.