New Site Launch Party! Behind the Scenes

It has taken us over a month of counting spoons, dusting plates, lugging chairs and styling vases, but we are DONE with our great big inventory overhaul. We are counted, cleaned, number, priced, photographed, uploaded, and READY FOR YOU. 

Here's a few outtakes (that mostly involve puppies):

Treats just aren't enough sometimes.

Good news is: they're the friendliest dogs. Bad news is: they're the friendliest dogs.

Construction zone. 

Moving heaven and earth to set up the photo walls in the "best light".   ^

Tons of pictures that include either Elena's feet.... or Holly's hand. 

Also, Toby's feelings are still hurt that we took over his window for a solid week. 



That's a wrap folks. Hope you enjoy our new and improved site. 

Nana pup says "Share me!"

Happy Renting,

Holly & Bill,
The Pups,
& our guest team member Elena Henson